A collection of drawings and paintings that are either personal work, commissions or were unused project pieces finished up just 'cos I liked 'em…

Demon Head – a sketch initially for Lionhead that I finished up in my spare time, and was later used by Corel as a front page image for Painter X. Pencil sketch, Painter colours.

The Girl and the Katmunkee. A character test piece for Lionhead, unused. Pencil sketch, Painter colours.

Poster art for The British Beard and Moustache Championships 2012, held in Brighton. Pencil, Painter and PS colour and lettering.

Butterfly Mind. A piece originally drawn for the Fable 3 DLC pack, finished up in spare time. Pencil drawing, Painter colours, PS editing.

Sketch of a Sylph like character, unused concept doodle for Fable Legends. Pens on paper.

Self portrait, done on the fly from imagination. It all went a bit Edwardian! Pencil sketch, Painter colours.

“I Think You Knew My Father, Sir…" A sketch originally for a Fable 3 species of giant, painted up and later used as part of the 2009 "Into the Pixel” Exhibition.

Variation on the Demon design, completed for the band Herratik.

Doodle of the late, great John Martyn, whilst listenening to his classic “Solid Air” album. Pencil on paper, Painter wash.